Why Ask SITI

All service industries are leveraging on chatbot technologies to provide new dimensions to their existing product and services channels in delivering round the clock service capabilities. To attract millennials and increase return on investments by reducing operating cost and fostering digital transformation and automation, companies are looking for ways to deploy chatbots to handle tasks in a more seamless way. With AskSITI, users can ask questions and have th Bot instantly provide answers from the Knowledge Base - regardless of whether the questions are in English, Malay, Manglish or any other popular foreign languages

Friendly Conversation Interface
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Fastest Time to Market
Enterprise-grade Bot Building Platform
Multi-Lingual Support
Customize to integrate with other platforms and services

Key Benefits

Auto-Multilingual Support
Embedded Forms
Rich Text Media Support
Easy to use Content Designer
Customisable Answers
Quickly Expand System Knowledge from Captured Logs
Localised Malay Lingo and Short-Form Support
Usage Statistics Report
Open Queries & Guided Menu Support
Theme Customization

Open Queries & Guided Menu Support

Rich Text and Media Support

Multilingual Support

Customized Answers

Localised Malay Lingo and Short-Form Support

Embedded Forms

Theme Customization

Ease To Use Content Designer

Simple Creation of KB From Captured Inputs

General Usage Statistics