What SITI can do...


Direct Integration to customer's legacy systems and online services.

Text and Voice

Ability to understand messages from text and voice.

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One-time password (OTP)

Monile number verification and time-based two factor authentication (TOTP)

Payment Gateway

Support direct payment to all major payment channel Paypal, VISA and Master.

NLP/NLU in Bahasa Melayu and English

NLP/NLU engine that has support hybrid syntactic parser (Malay, English and its mixture) and one-step cycle learning features, that allows it to incorporate new knowledge without retraining of the whole model.

Analysis and Reporting

Provide insight on user profiling usage analysis, preferences, compliances and audit log.

It's Features

User Profiling

To capture user particulars for content targeting.


Users can access the latest news/announcement.


To broadcast immediate news to selected target audiences.


To collect user feedback and present information gathered in report.

Event Calendar

To show the corporate event calendar.


Open ended question to enquire information stored in the knowledge base.


Fewer Phone Calls Save over 50% on support by shifting support conversations from phone to chat

Fewer Tickets Tackle up to 90% of general customer queries through self-service chat

Higher Satisfaction Up to 30% higher Customer Satisfaction ratings when you deliver support via chat

Channels Supported