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What is COOL

COOL - Community Opinion On-Line

Going beyond a smart city: Malaysia’s Selangor launches #smartstate 2025 with Azure. The Selangor government has set its sights on transforming Selangor into a Smart State by 2025. This transformation will harness the people’s collective potential to do greater things, and create an open and collaborative culture. To achieve this vision, the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) partnered with Microsoft to kick off the Smart State initiative with a Community Opinions Online (COOL) platform.

COOL is a centralised, online collaborative platform enabling citizens to contribute ideas, feedback and collaborate with the state governments. COOL connects citizens with their local assemblymen, local points of interests and local services, and serve as a window for the government to conduct citizen opinion surveys on a range of policies and developmental plans to be implemented.

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The Challenges

No effective communication channel to the community.

No effective way to gather opinions from the community.

No Delay on information sharing.

The Outcome

Improve community engagement by having a platform for better information dissemination and collecting useful feedback and ideas to build a smart community.


SITI Platform.

Microsoft Bot Framework.

Azure Cloud.