Ministry of Health Malaysia

Healthcare Digital Transformation: Patient Referral System

What is Patient Referral System?

Patient Referral System is a collaboration system that uses Microsoft Teams as the messaging and collaboration platform for cardiology doctors and teams to collaborate with other surrounding hospitals (Spoke) pertaining to cardiology cases that might require the patient to be transferred to Serdang Hospital.

The main function of this system is to record messages and activities for audit purposes which contain patient information, logistic arrangements which includes the timestamps and status updates in a secure manner.

The Challenges

There are situations where more than one cases happened in the same time and this can create confusion as to which message is referring to which patient.

The messages cannot capture timestamp for each patient referral in each stages of transfer which is deemed critical and these are manually reported by Person-in-Charge (PIC) in the group which may result in information inaccuracy.

Lack of security.

The Outcome

Improve delivery of healthcare services for cardiology cases

Increase privacy and security

Enable real-time collaboration with specialists and emergency physicians through different messaging platform


SITI Platform

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Bot Framework

Azure Cloud