Smart-MP Klang

SMART-MP Klang is an integrated digital platform in channeling information and connecting the Klang Municipal Council with citizen and stakeholders

What is Smart-MP Klang

SMART-MPKlang was developed to encourage the direct involvement of citizen in order to gain information related to the MPK as well as in enabling the citizen to obtain services offered by MPK through the messenger platform. In addition, it also seeks to obtain feedback from the citizen in its goal to form a closer relationship between the citizen and MPK thereby enhancing service quality and promising customer satisfaction to the people

The Challenges

Increase of requests from public.

Need to provide 24/7 support.

The Outcome

Citizen can get notified on the latest news and updates in the state legislative assembly or city council

State legislative assembly or city council can engage with citizen to collect ideas, views and feedback that can be analyzed and transformed into useful insights for development

To enable 2 ways communication that forms a strong partnership to build a better community

The Impacts

Citizen gets up-to-date information for any information that are channeled faster and at any time.

Increase citizen satisfaction level in accessing information anytime anywhere.

Direct involvement with MPK in sharing information and feedback.

Citizen are digitally serviced through Virtual Personal Assistance in answering frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Able to provide feedback and receive information for reports and incident related to MPK services easily and quickly.